Here’s what my clients say about me.


“Bill has been a game-changer for my company. Revenue has grown 20% and our monthly recurring revenue has doubled. I trust Bill and lean on his guidance. He instills confidence and helps take the stress out of making big decisions. There is no doubt that Bill has made me a better leader and manager, and helped me run my business more efficiently—with a lot less stress.”

— Kish Melwani, President, ServiceByte

“Bill is a great listener and an out-of-the-box thinker; he has made a huge difference in our company. He shows us how to identify critical issues and get to the root cause to solve them. Before, we were continually putting band-aids on problems. In a nutshell, Bill listens to our craziness, then makes it not so crazy!”

— Suzanne Salerno, Controller, NSI

“Bill is smart, knowledgeable, and very helpful. And a good guy—kind, thoughtful, trustworthy. Bill’s expertise, along with his work ethic and experience with IT services, is transforming our company.”

— Tom McDonald, President, NSI

“Bill is a great coach. He got our team organized and running fast in the same direction. His work focused on setting goals, measuring success, and developing strong, consistent meeting rhythms that everyone in the company follows. We have grown immensely through our work with Bill.”

— Joe Giovannoli, Founder and CEO, 9Sail Digital Marketing

“We’ve been working with Bill for over three years now and he continues to add value. Growth has been steady, and Bill’s perspective has proven to be an asset to our organization. I recommend Bill to any small business owner/operator who is looking to gain traction with their business.”

— Paul Smith, CISSP, Owner, Techromatic, LLC

“If you’re an entrepreneur looking to rein in your day-to-day chaos and organize a path to growth, Bill is the coach for you. Working with him gave me a clear roadmap of the most important tasks to grow my business. Bill also helped my team completely resolve issues as they arose. To this day, when we need to make decisions, stay on track, or problem-solve, we like to ask, ‘What would Bill do in this situation?’ I highly recommend investing in Bill’s services!”

— Amanda Sexton, Founder/Principal, FOCUSWORKS Marketing