MSP Operations Manager Peer Group

A unique opportunity for people in the “No. 2” role at managed service providers (MSPs) to grow and improve from the collective “wisdom in the room.”


To help participants become better managers by teaching skills and best practices, by sharing ideas and solutions, and through group problem-solving and collaboration.


Bill Abram, Business Coach and Facilitator: “I run a successful peer group for MSPs. The program has doubled in size and participants have been delighted with the results. Based on this success, I am starting a new peer group for MSP operations managers.”


This facilitated peer group is for the typical “Number 2” (operations manager, service delivery manager, service coordinator, or dispatcher) in a small (under 25-employee) MSP. The group is limited to 10 member MSP firms. Each firm can designate 1 or 2 people to participate. The group is all about cooperation and collaboration, so members will be geographically diverse to avoid any competitive concerns.


  • “This group connects me to MSP peers who help me and who I help.” — B.H.
  • “I no longer work in a vacuum; I have help and don’t have to reinvent the wheel.” — S.C.
  • “This group gives me knowledge and ‘therapy’ for my role as an ops manager!” — J.B.
  • “With this group and Bill’s guidance, I am a better operations manager.” — R.S.
  • “Bill, thank you for changing my life.” — K.M.


Start date and time to be announced.


Meeting occurs every 2 weeks. Membership can be discontinued at any time.


Virtual meetings over Zoom


$300 per member firm per month, with no term commitment.


Good news (1 personal, 1 business)
10 min

Updates: Individual goals/homework
10 min

Lesson/homework of the day
30 min

Spotlight or show & tell
15 min

Open forum
15 min

Wrap-up and meeting rating
10 min

Typical Lessons:

Common issues that the peer group helps members overcome include:

  • Simplifying processes to recapture time
  • Holding people accountable
  • How to have difficult employee conversations
  • Conducting employee reviews—quarterly!
  • Project management and project reviews
  • Finding the right metrics and KPIs
  • Empowering employees for decision-making
  • Making meetings productive and energizing
  • Delegation
  • Meeting management and cadence
To find out how to join this MSP Operations Manager Peer Group, contact Bill Abram at [email protected].
To learn more about Bill Abram’s background, visit our About page.