I help entrepreneurs organize, prioritize, and lead—to enable faster, more profitable growth.


My job is to help you learn and grow. At some point, I expect you’ll no longer need my coaching services, but I also expect that we’ll always be friends.


Are you an overworked small business owner? Do you need your team to perform better? Do you ever think, “What we’re doing isn’t working”? If so, you’re just like my clients, before they started working with me.


I’m an RPI-educated engineer. I’ve implemented best practices for large organizations. And I’ve
founded and run successful small businesses in software development and IT services.


“Bill has been a game-changer for my company. Revenue has grown 20% and our monthly recurring revenue has doubled. Bill has made me a better leader and manager, and helped me run my business more efficiently—with a lot less stress.”

— Kish Melwani, President, ServiceByte


Many outside resources inform my coaching work, especially books. Here’s how some of my favorite books can help you.


MSP Peer Groups: Learning from the Wisdom in the Room

MSP Peer Groups: Learning from the Wisdom in the Room

I facilitate peer groups for small to mid-size IT Managed Service Providers (MSPs). Participants are typically the “Number 2” people at their MSP firms, with titles like Operations Manager and Service Delivery Manager. A typical agenda for a peer group meeting looks like this…

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