I know what you deal with to run your small business.



My job as a coach is to help you become the best person you can be in your business life. From my earliest work experiences in large organizations to my 25+ years as a successful entrepreneur and small business owner, I know that every leader needs a mentor, a guide, a coach. I coach leaders on how to set priorities, make tough decisions, learn new skills, build confidence, and reduce stress. At the heart of all my coaching relationships are two core values: “Help First” and “Listen without Judgment.”

I use a range of tools in my coaching practice—most recently the Clockwork System™, based on the work of Mike Michalowicz and Adrienne Dorison. I became a Clockwork Certified Partner™ because I know firsthand that the efficiency principles of the system work so well for small business owners.



As a facilitator, I recognize that “wisdom is in the room” and that my job is to help teams discover and articulate that wisdom. Whether facilitating a planning session with senior leadership or mentoring workforce peers, as an objective observer, I help teams align and move in the same direction.



I graduated from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) with a degree in Industrial Engineering. In my early career, I designed and implemented best-practice processes, systems, and procedures for Montefiore Medical Center. I then moved to the private sector with the largest health system vendor in the country.

Tiring of large corporate environments and wanting to spend more time with my family, I co-founded a custom software development business. I ended that partnership to launch another software business that evolved into a web-hosting and IT services firm. I ran that company successfully until I sold it in 2014. After stints as the acquiring company’s general manager and then as COO for an IT services firm, I started my coaching practice.